International outsourcing

International outsourcing

With over 20 years’ experience in the metalworking industry and over 15 years of outsourcing service, we willingly offer innovative end-to-end solutions, optimizing your products and processes.

We render our international outsourcing services to companies looking for a reliable partner to delegate the production of spare parts.

Upon the request of our clients, we individually develop the spare parts. Variant Factory is highly experienced in manufacturing and delivering high-quality details produced on the base of clients’ unique requirements and specifications using innovation solutions.

When the clients delegate part production to us, we beneficially provide them with an uninterrupted supply chain and confidence in receiving all the required and essential components. But more importantly, all the requirements, information, drawings, pictures, etc. received from the client will be kept secure and strictly protected by our agreement.

Quality control

Our spare parts undergo rigorous quality control, and we guarantee their compliance with international industry standards. By choosing us as the partners for outsourcing, our potential clients can be assured that they will get quality, reliable and durable details designed for full compatibility with the rest of their products. Whether it is an important component or a secondary accessory we pay special attention to all details to ensure full interoperability and order accuracy.

On-time delivery

An efficient and well-established delivery chain will help our clients raise the quality of stock management and ensure the constant availability of the details. By choosing us as the partners for outsourcing, our clients can solve the problem of inventory management and rely on us in timely worldwide delivery.

Cost Effectiveness

Outsourced spare parts manufacturing can save clients’ money by leveraging our existing infrastructure, professional workforce, and years of experience. We are ready to offer you cost-effective solutions that will ultimately lead to an increase in your profits.

Strong partnership and confidentiality of orders

When the clients delegate us the producing orders, drawings and tasks for making samples at the first stage of cooperation, we sign an non-disclosure agreement. From now on, we start strong partnerships based on trust. Cooperating with us means that every client can count on the prompt support of our engineers, the safety of information, as well as the quick solution to any problems.