"Variant" Factory Ltd. offers its partners a wide service package, providing support at all stages of project development and implementation.

Project development phase

To each project, developed by our partners, we pay maximum attention and responsibility. Engineers of "Variant" Factory Ltd. carefully study the technical characteristics of the project and offer the optimal solution using different systems of formwork and scaffolding.

The development of special formwork solutions

The specialists of "Variant" Factory permanently design new lines of products. Also we provide special formwork solutions for non-standard construction projects. We always offer optimal solutions, no meter how difficult the constructions are. Our experience allows us to except different engineering challenges. Also, we are not limited to use traditional technology. If it is necessary we develop and produce special formwork elements which help to adapt standard elements to the conditions of unique construction sites.

Training and planning

Careful planning is the key to a successful project. Therefore, experts of "Variant" Factory Ltd are ready to provide support in all phases of the project:

  • calculation and design of different formwork and scaffolding solutions,
  • providing of user manuals and other technical documentation,
  • training the personnel of the companies using different formwork systems “Variant”,
  • logistics solutions, etc.

We provide to our clients all the necessary technical information: technical drawings, capacity calculation, striking period, speed of concreting and other technological parameters.

Execution of construction work

International project experience allows specialists to take into consideration the smallest peculiarities of different regions and provide the most effecive and costless decisions for each and every project. Moreover our engineers have a lot of experience in designing and manufacturing of individual concrete forms. Engineers and project managers provide consultations at all stages of construction.