Column formwork

Circular columns SK 100 Circular columns SK 100 The circular column formwork SK100 has been designed for forming columns with circular cross-section. To form curved stop-end or oval column, the SK100… User manual Description
Column formwork VARIMAX Column formwork VARIMAX The system is broadly applicable for projects where large numbers of square and rectangular columns, with variable cross-sections, are to be formed cost-effectively… User manual Description
Column formwork VARIMID Column formwork VARIMID The lightweight framed formwork Varimid by Variant delivers perfect forming performance in projects where use of a crane is limited, can be assembled by… Video User manual Description
Column formwork HANDI Column formwork HANDI The Handi is super-lightweight framed formwork, which has been specifically designed for quick and cost-effective construction. User manual Description
Column formwork VERTEX 60 Column formwork VERTEX 60 Owing to the system’s flexibility, column formwork VERTEX 60 allows to form columns and pillars of different types, shapes and sizes of cross-section. User manual Description