Variant Factory supplies equipment for the construction of the largest grain transshipment complex.

We continue to do our job to the highest standard expending the scope of our formwork use, improving infrastructure and economical potential of Ukraine.
Slovenia-Ukraine border, Chop town. There was started construction of the largest grain transfer complex with an annual shipping capacity of over 1 mln. tons. The complex is designed to include 16 silo towers with an internal diameter of 15.4 m and additional inner walls 60 cm thick including partitions with a thickness of 40 cm. In accordance with the design and construction documents our engineers calculated the volume of the formwork necessary for optimal and quick construction of the facilities. Varimax, Handi, Vertex 60 wall formworks and the complete set of accessories were included in the supply package.
Construction of this complex was started in order to improve the logistics of grain cargos exported to the countries of the Central Europe. It should be noted that the services of the grain elevator complex constructed in the Western Ukraine will be available for all the participants of the logistics process that will allow making the market more competitive and transparent.
Commission of this project is planned for July, 2018.

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